We are Eames.com, a marketplace that provides a platform for vintage sellers to sell their Eames items. We are a marketplace and we are coming to the show with one of our biggest traders called Vintagedesign.com. Vintage Design sells a variety of Vintage pieces for collectors and vintage fans. This organization was created by fans, for fans. A catalog of items on the Vintage design.com are chairs, tables, and rare prototypes and art. At the Brussels show, there will be a range of different items provided by Vintagedesign.com which will be supported by Eames.com Marketplace. The objective is to turn a few heads with the variety of items that will be bought to the show and to also answer questions that visitors may have about certain vintage items. Our specialists will be there to provide any information necessary for how people can get their hands on the items that will be at the event and also provide information about Eames.com as well as VintageDesign.com Thanks,