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Contemporary Design Market

Meet and buy Belgian contemporary design

Since 2019, during its September edition, the Brussels Design Market is proud to dedicated an area exclusively to Contemporary Design. A unique opportunity to discover designers, meet up-and-coming talents, and of course, acquire authentic Belgian design pieces.

The Contemporary Design Market is a special presentation and sale moment of well-know Belgian based designers and upcoming talents working in a variety of different design disciplines. Carefully selected by a committee of design experts, designers will showcase their last creations the weekend of 25th and 26th September 2021, in the Gare Maritime, on Tour & Taxis site, next to Brussels Design Market exhibitors.

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Guest of honour —

Muller Van Severen

This year, the Belgian duo Muller Van Severen will take centre stage as Guest of Honour at the 2021 edition of Contemporary Design Market.

After winning countless awards and collaborating with prestigious museums (such as Vitra Museum, Centre Pompidou and Musée d’Art Decorative Paris) and galleries (Galerie Kreo, Side Gallery, Valerie Traan Gallery) worldwide, Muller Van Severen is considered to be one of the most image-defining European design teams of today.

Young guest of honour —

Roxane Lahidji

Roxane Lahidji is a social designer specialized in ecological material developments and applications. Her research focuses on achieving luxurious looking objects and surfaces from low costs and raw resources.

In this sense, she seeks to re-define the meaning of the objects she makes by balancing local and renewable resources, environmentally friendly production processes, and essential human values. Learn more about the work of Roxane here.

Young guest of honour —

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

From conception to production, Pierre-Emmanuel imbues his designs with a sense of the surreal and a respect for craftsmanship. Each piece has a unique voice, and emotional power. Together, they speak to our more playful and curious nature, inviting us to live experiences unlimited by everyday expectations.

His work is enigmatic, challenging what we consider to be evident in order to change habits and perceptions. His designs are indeed symbolic of an urge to break free from the mundane, to chase originality, while staying within the framework of the most noble materials.

Being a part of the Design September program, the third edition of the Contemporary Design Market is supported by Flanders DC and Wallonie Design,  powered by Ik Koop Belgisch / J’achète Belge.

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