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Czech Republic


Brief info

The family company Halama is engaged in the production of unique crystal products of the highest quality. The production collections are based on the range of the original company of our ancestors, as we continue the family tradition since 1932. We use traditional methods of hand blowing and subsequent hand grinding and polishing, which is how our products become highly rated collections. 90% of our products are exported to many countries around the world, where they are presented by our distributors and sellers, as well as galleries and museums. We are honored to be a permanent manufacturer of special state gifts for important occasions of the highest important representatives of the Czech Republic.
However, our permanent business partners also include producers of perfumes and essential oils as well as distillates, who use our handmade crystal pieces as "crystal packaging" for their selected products, even in limited series. In addition to standard designs, we also create collections decorated with gold, platinum or other types of decoration that our customers request. Halama's worked according to the previous philosophy - to create jewelry of lasting value and beauty.

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